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Better off in the union

EVERY week the CPSU helps Members achieve great outcomes. The union helps members with both individual and group issues.

Often the CPSU is able to help Members who need additional support to help progress an issue.

Read  two ways the CPSU has helped Members in the past week below.


CPSU helps Members access allowance

A GROUP of CPSU Members at the Tasmanian Prison Service (TPS) put in an application for the Correctional Facilities Allowance (CFA) following a decision last year that was favourable towards teaching staff at the prison. The teaching staff were previously unable to access the CFA, so this decision essentially broadened the scope of this allowance.

These TPS employees wrote their applications in November last year but received no response from the Department and needed the CPSU’s help to progress their claim for the CFA.

The CPSU had difficulty in getting a response from the department so had to push this through the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) to get a response.

At the TIC the Department was still reluctant to come to an agreement or resolve the issue.

The CPSU also had to get over a threshold matter, which required detailed applications that had clear evidence (read more here Because the group of Members applying for the CFA worked extremely hard to ensure their applications were robust, the Department finally accepted their claim.

This means these Members will now receive the CFA as well as back pay to December 1 2008 or the date they started working, if it was after this time. This is a great result for this group of Members, and the back pay will be significant.

It was clear that the claim wouldn’t have progressed without the CPSU’s help and the hard work of these Members. It’s a great example of Members and their union working together to achieve a great outcome. As shown by the timetable below, this was no easy fight for Members, and it’s taken  a lot of time and perseverance from their union.

Following this outcome, there are now clear directions put in place for progressing other TPS members’ claims and the CPSU will continue to advocate on behalf of these Members to ensure all who meet the criteria receive their payment. 



27 Nov 2012

Initial Decision handed down by TIC

7 Dec 2012

CPSU wrote to DoJ requesting an immediate review of CFA to all non-uniform positions

14 Jan

DoJ says they will be in a position to respond fully by the end of the month

7 Feb

After receiving no response, CPSU lodged Program Facilitators application to DoJ and requested a response by 14 February

14 Feb

Received no response from DoJ

15 Feb

Lodged TIC Dispute Application alleging DoJ breaching the Award

4 March

Held first conference for Applications

29 April

Hearing on No Extra Claims

23 May

TIC Decision handed down – comprehensive CPSU win.

June 17

A group of Members were successful in their applications for the CFA


Member’s level upped, thanks to CPSU

RECENTLY the CPSU helped a Member increase their level. This Member wasn’t appointed at the right salary under their Agreement. The Member had many years of experience at the job however the agency appointed them at a lower level that wasn’t consistent with this skill level.

The Agreement the Member’s covered by stipulates that people with many years of experience can apply to be at a higher level.

Recently the CPSU negotiated with the Agency at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to have the Member’s current level increased.

This is a great result. The CPSU helps Members every week to make their working conditions fairer.


These are just a couple of recent examples of how the CPSU has helped Members.

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