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PSUWA 2013: Round Three meetings on now!

MEETINGS to finalise the draft log of claims for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013 started on Tuesday June 18.

You can find the other meeting times here.

You can find the draft log of claims here.

This log of claims was drafted after the last round of meetings where Members gave their feedback on the actions to address issues around communication and consultation; recruitment; performance management; bullying and harassment; safety and absence management and job security.

The meetings will answer questions about the log of claims so Members are encouraged to read the document before the meeting.

Members will have a chance to vote on the log of claims at the meeting.  Those Members who can’t make a meeting with have a final chance to indicate support via an email ballot after this round of meetings.

Please make sure you come along to the meetings and encourage Members in your workplace to do so as well.

It’s important as many Members as possible come along to the meetings, have their questions answered so they are informed and able to confidently cast their vote.

See you at the meetings!

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