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Report uncovers ethics concerns in Tasmanian Public Sector

ACCORDING to an Integrity Commission report 17 out of 26 state departments do not provide adequate training or awareness in ethics and integrity after induction.

This report also found:

  • 8 agencies omitted key ethical issues from induction
  • 9 agencies had no complaints policy or process
  • 8 agencies had no complaints register
  • 3 agencies had limited or no provision for special needs clients

The Integrity Commission says the report highlights a need for the Tasmanian Public Sector to improve practices, policies and procedures to address integrity risks.

The Commission says the employees not knowing their ethical obligations means they are at risk of engaging in misconduct, not understanding agency values, could make disciplinary action difficult and the lack of a complaints process could result in trends and risks not being identified.

Read the full report here.

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