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Stand Up for Fairer Workplaces: PSUWA log of claims

THE current Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement expires at the end of June so we need to begin negotiations towards a replacement Agreement.

Our objectives in this bargaining round are to improve the working lives of members by making our workplaces fairer and more respectful, to begin a process of reform that will improve productivity thereby increasing job security and to deliver decent wage increases that meet the challenge of a rising cost of living.

Over the past 6 months we have been working with members to develop a log of claims that give us the scope to achieve all these objective.  

You can find that log of claims below.

STANDUP PSUWA13 Log of Claims

Please read through the claim as it is important that you understand the issues and support them.  Meetings have been scheduled around the state so that members can ask any questions they have.  The meetings will start next Tuesday (18 June).  To see a full list of meeting times and venues click here.  

Members will also have an opportunity at the meetings to indicate whether or not they support the log of claims.

Bargaining decent wages and conditions is a core function for your union and having a say in that process is a core responsibility of membership.  The CPSU looks forward to seeing you at one of the 18 meetings over the next few weeks and in hearing your views.

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