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TCCI: not a friend of the worker

THE Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry yet again proved they’re against employees with more of their rhetoric about what they call “unfair” workers’ rights.

On its Facebook page the Chamber calls the following changes to the Fair Work System that passed the House of Representatives this week “burdens”:


  • Right to flexible work arrangements
  • Expanded parental leave rights
  • Forced consultation on changes to rosters
  • Penalty rate principles enshrined in law
  • A national bullying jurisdiction
  • Expanded union right of entry to lunch rooms and funding union access to remote sites
  • Consent arbitration over alleged unlawful dismissals


Clearly the Chamber is against workers and decent working conditions. They say these changes would be unfair on Tasmanian businesses but fail to mention what it would mean to the millions of Australian workers who would benefit from the changes.

Although the TCCI has proven its own irrelevance and lack of credibility time and time again, anti-worker statements like this cannot go unchallenged.

Why would anyone listen to the TCCI? In recent years they have driven their own business to the brink of bankruptcy and have been a strong advocate for the government’s disastrous policy of rapid fiscal consolidation that has seen unemployment skyrocket and almost pushed our economy into recession.


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