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Treasury: Draft Compliance Inspector Agreement

TREASURY wants to change the Agreement relating to out of hours work arrangements for Compliance Inspectors. Your CPSU has been negotiating for some time to try to make sure any replacement arrangement is fair and reasonable.

After a meeting last week and some subsequent work on a draft document we’re now in a position to distribute an Agreement for feedback.

Of note in the document:

• An 8 week roster cycle including out of hours work based on an estimate of 600 hours per region per year (Clause 8)
• An equitable spread of out of hours work (Clause 8)
• A fall back to normal, Award arrangements at the exhaustion of the 600 hours or where additional work is required (Clause 8 and 9)
• A loading of 6% for out of hours work as stipulated in Clause 8 (Clause 10)
• Please note additional detail has been requested at Clause 10 to put some limits on when the out of hours work can be required (i.e. latest finish, earliest start times stipulated).

You can find a copy of the DRAFT Agreement below.

20130530 Draft Compliance Inspectors Agreement 2013 Version 4

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to either CPSU Assistant Secretary Mat Johnston ( or your local CPSU Delegates Phil and/or Bill. Please try to get all input in by close of business Monday 17 June 2013.
If Members indicate they are content with the Draft Agreement we can proceed to an email ballot and then formal registration. If Members want further modifications we will continue negotiations with Treasury officials. It is important you have your say!

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