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CPSU helps Member on work overload issue

RECENTLY the CPSU helped a Member who was having a significant workload issue. They’d accumulated about 150 extra working hours but couldn’t take them because of workload.

Although initially advised by a manager that these hours could be paid out in overtime, Human Resources said this would not happen because you shouldn’t be able to accrue more than 10 hours of flex-time.

After help from the CPSU, the Department has now agreed to let the Member take time-off for the hours accrued. Our Member is happy with this and is looking forward to some well-deserved days off after struggling with an enormous workload.

The Department also agreed to help deal with the ongoing workload issue, which will also benefit the Member in the long-run.

This is a great outcome for this Member. The CPSU is there for Members. If you need help click here for more information.

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