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Advocacy for Tasmanian Children

THE Minister for Children, Michelle O’Byrne has established a committee to make recommendations to her on Advocacy for Children in Tasmania. The committee will be considering the various roles for children’s advocates as well as who is best placed to perform those roles. The committee has developed a discussion paper on this issues and is seeking comment on the paper from interested parties.

The discussion paper can be found below.

ACTC Discussion Paper Final for Consultation

Many workers in DHHS Human Services are involved in programs aimed at assisting children and may therefore have a view on these issues and it is important that the committee hears those views. There are a number of ways CPSU members can comment on the paper. Firstly, the committee has established an email address to which submission can be made which is Secondly, the CPSU can make a general submission on behalf of members. If you would like to be part of this submission you should email Sarah Miller at  with your comments. Thirdly, CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch is a member of the committee so you can contact him directly at  and he can input your comments to the committee’s process.

The committee is seeking responses by 15 July 2013 so read through the discussion paper and have your say on this important issue.


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