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Aussie women falling behind on pay: ACTU

THE ACTU released some disappointing data on Australian women lagging behind on pay.

The ABS data the ACTU analysed showed that men out-earned women in every occupational group in Australia.

ACTU president Ged Kearney called this the ‘quicksand effect’: where women fell further and further behind on pay and work opportunities for a range of reasons including caring responsibilities, lack of skills training, access to overtime and pay bonuses and straight-out discrimination.

“That means from managers to technicians to sales and clerical, there is no workforce group where the median income for women is greater than for their male counterparts,” Ms Kearney said. “These groups are across all industries and sectors and therefore paint a true and disturbing portrait of how women struggle to get ahead.” “Employers can no longer hide behind the excuse that women are working different jobs or jobs at different skills levels to men and that accounts for the pay differential. This data shows even in the same occupation group, with the same skill level women still go home with less.”

Read the entire ACTU media release here.

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