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Employer Corresponds with CPSU on Legal Practitioner Award and Agreement

Employer Corresponds with CPSU on Legal Practitioner Award and Agreement Recently your CPSU has received correspondence from the State Service Management Office on behalf of the Minister administering the State Service Act 2000.  The letter makes suggestions around how best to deal with the collective instruments outlining the terms and conditions of your employment namely your Awards and Agreement. Currently Legal Practitioners employed in the State Service are covered by three collective industrial instruments – the Tasmanian State Service Award (click here to access the TSSA), the Legal Practitioners Award (click here)  and the Legal Practitioners Agreement (click here).

The Minister’s correspondence indicates a preference for transmitting the operative provisions of the Legal Practitioner Award and the Agreement into the Tasmanian State Service Award. To adopt the suggested approach would result in the core conditions of your employment remaining in the TSSA as they are now but with the occupation specific provisions being imported into a new appendix of the TSSA. We need your input.  To view the letter please click on the document below.


Please provide feedback on the employer’s suggested approach, questions and issues you would like dealt with in a log of claims to CPSU Assistant General Secretary Mat Johnston via email at or by phone on (03) 6233 5689 at your earliest possible convenience. To check out the progress of the CPSU in the core negotiations for the TSSA please visit our site by clicking here and navigating to the news, events and resources pages. It’s also critical that your colleagues who are not in the union are offered the opportunity to get involved.  We simply don’t have the membership density amongst Legal Practitioners to achieve the best outcomes we could.  Feel free to bring this email to the attention of your colleagues so they can click here to join online.


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