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Housing Tasmania Update

ON MONDAY July 1 your CPSU received an amended band 3 Tenancy Officer Statement of Duties (SOD’s) via email.

We’re aware the proposed amendments are only minor and such changes include:

The task of performing assessments to ascertain eligibility for public housing is being transferred to the community sector through the Housing Connect. This has resulted in the Housing Assessment Officer (HAO) band 3 SOD no longer being applicable.

There are some tasks, namely allocation of properties, which will still be undertaken by Housing Tasmania (HT) staff.

• HT Management has amended the SOD for the Generic Tenancy Officer band 3 to incorporate these duties.

• HOS Statement of duties will no longer be required.

Your union is aware that the draft SOD was sent to staff back on June 11 for your consideration.

Find an amended draft copy of the new Tenancy Officer Band 3 SOD for your reference below.


If you have any feedback on the proposed changes or additional feedback please Your Organiser Sarah Miller by no later than close of business on Wednesday July 10 on or 6234 1708.

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