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Major Win on PAWS Housing Policy!

OUR CPSU met with representatives from PWS management on Tuesday to discuss the issues surrounding the Housing Policy.  In great news for affected Members, management agreed to do what many of you have asked of them and has agreed to introduce Individual Tenancy Agreements for each and every PWS Home.

These Agreements will spell out the responsibilities of both Tenant and Landlord and this decision will give peace of mind to many affected Members.  PWS have informed us that these Agreements will be rolled out over the next twelve months.

If you have any questions at all about the implications this may have on you then please contact your CPSU Parks Organiser Nick via email at or (03) 6233 5689.

I believe in the power of collaboration. The CPSU works with the State Government to negotiate the best possible pay and conditions for its Members. It’s been proven that workplaces with strong unions pay higher wages, are safer and provide greater opportunities for training and career progression. The CPSU services also include advice, protection, and support at work –should you ever need it. Denny
Alone you strive alone; together you can strive for more. The CPSU is there to help me, and not only me, but collectively my group of peers and workmates. Unions are where our Work Health and Safety comes from, that’s where our holidays come from, that’s where our superannuation and maternity leave came from. Tina
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