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Stress statistics ahead of national awareness day

A LIFELINE Australia report gives the low down on stress in our country, ahead of a national stress awareness day.

Held on Friday, Stress Down Day is an annual Lifeline event aimed at reducing stress levels and raising money for the organisation.

The National Stress Poll shows that of respondents currently employed 52% said they experienced a little stress relating to work, while 26% indicated they experienced a lot of work related stress.

Total levels of work related stressĀ  in the poll was consistent with those recorded in 2012.

The poll also found:

  • Respondents who were either full time (96%) or part time (93%) employed were more like to experience some stress than those who were not employed (88%).
  • Full time workers had higher levels of stress (84%) than part time workers (67%).
  • In relation to work, 80% of women reported stress compared to 76% for men.
  • Households earning less than $50,000 per year reported less work related stress (80%) compared to higher income households (78-81%).

The poll took place in May. Lifeline purchased questions on a Newspoll national omnibus telephone survey to find out the extent to which Australians experienced stress due to work, finance, health, personal relationships and thoughts about the future. The poll surveyed 1201 respondents aged 18 and over across Australia.

Read the full report here.

Find out more about Stress Down Day here.


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