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Unsure, stressed, need support?

SOMETIMES you just need some extra help.

Often Members find it hard to say no to their manager or are treated unfairly and need support to stand up for their rights. In times like these the CPSU can help Members through advice, support and advocacy. From answering a question about your award or agreement to standing up for you in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission, the CPSU can help in a range of ways on both straight forward and complex issues. Each week Members receive great outcomes that improve their working lives, and often this starts with a simple phone call or email to the CPSU.


Read some of the ways Members have received help in the last week below.


With Permanency

FOUR DHHS Members who’d been in their roles since 2010 were declared permanent after contacting their union. This is a terrific outcome, with these Members now able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with job security.


Improving Work Life

A MEMBER received a performance review that was based on no evidence and was extremely different to their usual reviews which were normally very good. After contacting their union this performance review was overridden so the Member could receive a salary progression. The union also helped them receive support and resources on a project that wasnt properly resourced.  Thanks to the CPSU this Member has now secured a position in a more supportive workplace. This is a great outcome for someonewho is now able to have a fresh start and build confidence in their role after suffering a series of very stressful events at work.


Receiving Entitlements

A CPSU Member received back pay for working unpaid public holidays. Through the help of the CPSU, the Department granted the back pay they were entitled to. A great result.


If you’re a CPSU Member and you encounter difficulty, pick up the phone and call 6234 1708 or email and have a chat to one of our friendly, skilled Member Advice and Support Team Organisers. Go to to find out more. If there’s an issue affecting a number of employees in your workplace, contacting your CPSU Workplace Delegate or Organiser is a great starting point.

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