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Wages Agreement Negotiations

THE LONG process of working through the log of claims submitted on behalf of union members for the next Wages Agreement has begun and initial impressions are positive. The issues have generally been positively received by the government and, while there might not be agreement that all suggested solutions are the best way forward, there seems to be a willingness to accept issues exist and need to be resolved. The government has also raised a number of issues it would like to see addressed through the negotiations.

To this end eight working groups have been established and representatives of the State Service Management Office, Agencies and unions have been nominated to participate in these. The working groups cover the following issues:

1. Salaries and Classification Standards

2. Consultation and Communication (Change Management)

3. Conditions and Leave (included addressing Award anomalies)

4. Work Health and Safety

5. Performance Management and Positive Workplaces

6. Recruitment and Employment

7. Health and Human Services Specific

8. Education Specific


It’s expected the working groups will begin to consider discussion papers on their specific issues in the next week and progress will be reported back to the Central Negotiating Team which is scheduled to meet again in a fortnight.



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