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2013 CPSU Award Winners

EACH year the CPSU recognises Members who’ve had a real difference – both in their workplace and their community.

These Members are nominated by their peers, which is a special honour.



It’s always hard to decide the recipient of each award, however this year the winners are:


CPSU Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Tasmanian Community


Recipient: Maria Stacey (Port Arthur Historic Site)


Maria’s made a remarkable contribution to the Tasman community for many years, involved in community events and organisations while at the same time holding a senior position as Director Tourism Operations or Visitor Services Manager at the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority.

Maria played a significant role in the recent bushfires, which had a devastating effect on the Tasman Peninsula. For the first two days Maria was the Emergency Management Coordinator at Port Arthur Historic Site, which became an Evacuation Centre to help stranded visitors and local residents.

Maria then assumed a role coordinating the local SES personnel in Nubeena over the next week. The Tasman Council General Manager Rob Higgins said publicly afterwards he didn’t know how they would’ve coped at the command centre without Maria, given her outstanding contribution.

Following the fires Maria represented the SES on the Tasman Emergency Management Recovery Committee which the Tasman Council established, and represented all key stakeholders in overseeing the recovery process from a local perspective.

Maria’s also contributed to her community in the following ways:

For 17 years Maria’s been the Secretary/Organiser of the Tasman Regatta – a key annual event for the local community at Nubeena.

Over the past 4 years Maria’s been a Community Bank Committee member. This group tis well on the way to seeing a Community Bank established on the Tasman Peninsula.

For 3 years Maria’s played a key role in establishing a Tasman Peninsula Football team, which has helped many young people to play footy and has also generated a lot of interest, passion and support from the community. Not only is Maria the Tasman Crows Football Committee Secretary, she’s also the Public Officer , runs the kiosk at home games, organises all the functions including the annual dinner and goes well beyond the call of duty by washing all the footy jumpers.


Maria’s also a volunteer with the local Ambulance and a Member of the Tasman Council Tourism and Economic Development Committee.

Maria was nominated for this Award by Stephen Large, CEO Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority.


CPSU Suzanne Pearce Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Children & Youth Services


Recipient: Heath Lorkin (Child Protection)


Heath manages a high and complex caseload, which he does without compliant. He goes the extra mile and is always looking to help out other teams if they are struggling.

He also has a way of lightening the mood in a workplace that is inherently serious. This is always appreciated and he always makes people laugh!

Heath genuinely cares about the children on his caseload. Heath has many complex teenagers on his caseload and quite often helps them with areas of their life that others simply can’t make a difference to. He goes into bat for them, gives them his time and gives them someone to listen to, always seeking the best for them.

Heath was nominated for this Award by Child Protection colleague and CPSU Delegate Leah Woolford.


CPSU Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Workplace Delegate


Recipient: Melanie Smith (Tas Prison Service Programs Unit)


Melanie was the driving force behind the recent successful claims for the 7.5% Correctional Facilities Allowance, which was an enormous win for many Department of Justice Members. Melanie researched every aspect of the case Members put forward, and wrote a fantastic summary and argument, reprsented her colleagues at hearings and kept her fellow CPSU Members informed throughout the process.

Not a Delegate by name at the time, Melanie went worked hard for the Members she represented. She achieved this amazing outcome for Members, many of whom who received back pay. Melanie is a great example of Members who are doing the work of a Delegate in their workplace without the title. The CPSU was very proud to recently accept Melanie’s nomination for workplace Delegate. It’s alongside Delegates like Melanie your union can achieve great results that benefit Members.

Melanie was nominated for this Award by Andrew Verdouw, colleague in the Programs Unit.


Commendations for Workplace Delegates:


Tamatha Creely (RHH – Patient Accounts)

Tamatha goes above and beyond her scope as Delegate to assist and support Members. Tamatha does all this while maintaining a heavy workload, studying at uni to become a teacher and dealing with challenging personal issues.

Tamatha  was unable to attend the AGM, spending today helping her son who suffers mild autism. Tamatha asked that CPSU Organiser Nick Duncombe accept her commendation on her behalf. She asked to please pass on her thanks to CPSU for the ongoing support to Members and herself as Delegate.


Allen Stennings (DOJ – Prison Services)


At a time when the Department and staff are negotiating a new agreement, Al has lead by example through his involvement demonstrating both professionalism and dedication. He’s achieved outstanding results despitethat comes with this role and was crucial in maintaining good relationships.

During this time Allen’s worked tirelessly to continue his role as a Delegate representing his workmates and providing advice readily without complaint.


Michelle Sharman (DHHS – Child & Youth Services)

Michelle has been a Delegate for a number of years both in North and more recently North-West Tasmania. Michelle has both professionally and competently represented the interests of Members while working in arguably one of the state’s most challenging public agencies.

Michelle is a tenacious advocate for Members and never loses sight of the issues or is deterred by the complex, sensitive or contentious nature of an issue. Her compassion for others and passion for justice and fairness underpins her commitment to working for the benefit of others.


Marc Nevah (TMD – Government Contact Centre)


Marc is an excellent Delegate, supporting and providing information to his colleagues. He gives 100% to his role, ensuring Members are aware of changes which affect them and helping individuals require it.

As the Government Contact Centre (GCC) Manager Marc played a significant role during the 2013 bushfires. He worked relentlessly to establish the information channel for the public, liaised with State Fire and Police personnel, rostered a large number of volunteer staff from across government to man the phones, and in many other ways. During this time Marc also maintained full operational coverage of the GCC to enable continued delivery of the Service Tasmania phone channel to the public.

Marc continued to fulfil his Delegate responsibilities throughout this hectic time, which was greatly appreciated by his fellow Members.


Owen Hutchinson (DIER – Asset Management)


Owen always puts others before himself, which is apparent in his role as a CPSU Delegate. Owen enthusiastically supports, informs and activates DIER Members and always has their best interests at heart. He’s highly regarded by CPSU Members and his colleagues for his dedication. He is also the Fire Warden and First Aid Officer for his workplace.

Not many people would know that Owen volunteered tireless hours during the 2012/2013 bushfire season, nor would they know that he’s been volunteering for the Midway Point Volunteer brigade for many years now, continually educating himself in fire safety to ensure he is capable of assisting others. His most recent training was respiratory education, allowing Owen to assist people more closely if a fire happens.

Owen never asks for anything and he was nominated to recognise the selfless work he does for others personally and in his role as Delegate.


Congratulations to all winners and Members who recieved commendations!


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