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CPSU: There for you

NO MATTER where CPSU Members are working they can rest assured their union is there to help.

In a recent case a Member working in a remote location was injured and unable to perform normal tasks but was still able to do light duties.

The Department told this employee they would need to return to Hobart and their fixed term employment would be terminated.

The Member called the CPSU and the union contacted the Department. Within days the matter was resolved, with the Department confirming the Member wouldn’t be terminated and would be given alternate duties until they were able to return to the remote location. This is a great outcome for the Member who was understandably stressed.

This case also highlights that Members can call their union early if they are unsure or think something isn’t right. Sometimes these matters can be sorted out quickly, which can reduce stress that comes from not knowing what will happen.

It’s easy to get in touch with your union for help, call 6234 1708, email  or fill in our online help form at .

The CPSU’s Member Advice and Support Team is there to help Members with industrial advice. Your Workplace Delegate is also a great person to go to for support. For issues that impact on a group of Members, your CPSU Organiser is a great person to contact.

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