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Public Service bracing after senior level sackings

NATIONAL President of the CPSU Nadine Flood spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald recently about the new government and Commonwealth public sector cuts.

The interview comes after the sacking of senior public sector workers. Ms Flood said decisions like these sent a negative signal to public sector employees and had other consequences.

“…It tends to make some senior levels of the public service more risk adverse about what advice it provides to government,” Ms Flood said. “What governments need is honest, brutally frank advice from their senior public servants.”

Ms Flood said Members were scared, particularly in regional communities where the Federal Government was a big employer.

With the election commitment to cut 12,000 jobs through natural attrition, Ms Flood expects to see the Federal Government start to make some cuts before the end of the year, as well as other possible changes including recruitment freezes.

She said it wasn’t as easy as it sounded, particularly with a pre-election commitment that Border Protection, Defence and customer service areas exempt from cuts. “That is the majority of the public service. “So where are these 12,000 jobs going to come from?”

“If you cut 12,000 (jobs), it’s going to have an  impact.” “…they’re real people – they’ve got families and mortgages. “You’re talking about an extraordinary scale of cuts.”

Ms Flood said there was a real concern that the government would go back on its promise and start making cuts through redundancies rather than natural attrition.

The National President said the CPSU would do everything within its power to protect its Members jobs and rights at work, as well as advocating for public services.

Watch the interview here.


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