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More CFA backpayments for CPSU Members

A FURTHER 14 CPSU Department of Justice Members have now received a Correctional Facility Allowance after applications to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission were successful. This means sizeable backpayments for these 14 Members as well as the ongoing 7.5% allowance. This now brings the total to 21 CPSU Members, with only 11 applications left to go before the Commission.

The allowance acknowledges the responsibility these Members accept when they are responsible for the security and welfare of inmates.

Winning the allowance for these 21 Members was hard fought for, coming after many months of CPSU Members and their union working together, with the Department of Justice slowing the process, putting up many barriers and trying to stop applications going ahead.

One very kind CPSU Member is giving a portion of her backpayment to charity Cosmos.

These successful applications show that even when an issue is difficult, Members and the CPSU working together can achieve great results and fairness for Members.

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