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Sacking of chiefs a worrying sign for rest of public service

THE Federal CPSU expressed concern over Tony Abbott’s decision to sack of three of Australia’s top public servants on his first official day as Prime Minister yesterday.

People who were sacked were from the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism and the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said sacking three highly-experienced public sector leaders just moments after being sworn in sent a pretty strong and very negative message to public sector employees.

“With right-wing think tanks and business leaders urging Tony Abbott to cut harder and deeper, public sector workers are looking for a steady and calm signal from the new government. These high level sackings have sent shockwaves across the service and have done nothing to calm concerns over job security,” Ms Flood said.

“Your first week in office sets the tone. It sends a clear signal on what your Government is about. One woman in Cabinet, no mention of Science, getting rid of our Aid agency and no mention of Workplace Relations; now it’s just Employment. These send a clear message this Government is all about blokes doing business.”

“It’s natural people will focus on these three senior people being sacked. The real challenge to delivering great government services is Mr Abbott’s plans to have 12,000 public servants walk out the door and not be replaced. When Fiona at Centrelink with 25 years’ experience goes, she won’t be replaced.”

“And from what I’m hearing already senior people in the public service are tearing their hair out about how PM Abbott’s cuts are going to work.”


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