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Title Change a Positive Move

SCHOOL Executive Officers will now be known as School Business Managers. This change was announced on Friday September 6. It was a change the CPSU pushed for on behalf of Members who’d lobbied for it. It all started about two years ago when School Executive Officers (SEOs) on the CPSU’s School Administration Advisory Forum (SAAF) first approached their union wanting a title change to Business Manager or School Business Manager.

All SEOs in the state were given the chance to vote on four different title options, including keeping their current title. The voting was very close but School Business Manager was the winner. The CPSU then asked the Department of Education to pursue this change, which was something the agency was happy to look at but wanted to defer it for a while.

Earlier in 2013 CPSU Schools Organiser Kathryn Lee raised the matter again with the Department of Education (DoE) and it was approved. The DoE’s Mark Watson announced the change last Friday at the Tasmanian Schools Administration Association (TSAA) Conference.

At the conference the CPSU caught up with a few SAAF Members to find out about what this change meant to them.

Amanda Smith from Launceston College and Tanya Smart from Queechy High School both agreed the change gave them recognition for what they do in the role and clarity around what it involves. “We manage the business side of the school, that’s the facilities, the financial processes and also the human resources side of things,” Amanda said. “School Business Manger actually reflects the role that we do better than School Executive Officer. I think the public will recognise that it does tell them more about what we do in schools.”

Tanya agreed.  “It’s more aligned to the role we do. Half the time when you say School Executive Officer they say ‘what’s that?’.” We look after the business side of the school – schools are businesses.”

The Tasmanian Schools Administration Association Conference is a rare opportunity to get School Business Mangers working in schools across the state to get together.


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