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ACTU warns about Commission of Audit

THE ACTU says the Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit is effectively contracting out policy making to business.

ACTU President Ged Kearney said this has already happened in Queensland, where the government used this process to cut public services like health care and social welfare and moving to privatise these.

“This process isn’t about the future of public finances and the needs of the Australian community, it’s about the interests of big business,” Ms Kearney said.

“The Australian Public Service is a vital institution that provides valuable services to the community that cannot be replicated by the private sector. We have a world-class public service which provides irreplaceable value to Australians.”

Ms Kearney said Australians wouldn’t support cuts to services like Centrelink and Medicare, or the sale of government assets.

“We have seen the results of government ‘austerity’ programs in Europe, and we do not want Australia to go down that path.”

“Australian workers want the Federal Government to provide good quality services. They will not support widespread cuts, privatisation and contracting out of essential functions of government.”

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