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Change to travel and meal allowances

EARLIER this month the CPSU’s James Roberts and representatives from other unions lodged an application to vary travel and meal allowances in the Tasmanian State Service Award.

This week the Tasmanian Industrial Commission accepted these changes, which came into force on October 15. This means the allowances are matched up with what the Australian Tax Office finds reasonable. These applications are made every year to ensure Tasmanian Public Sector Workers receive meal and travel allowances that are fair and reasonable.


The changes are:


Meal Allowances: Overtime

Breakfast: From $12.20 to 12.45

Lunch: From $13.70 to $14

Dinner: From $23.35 to $23.88


Meal Allowances: Overnight Travel

Breakfast: From $24.35 to $24.90

Lunch: From $27.35 to $28.00

Dinner: From $46.70 to $47.75


Overnight accommodation:

Canberra: from $165 to $168

Darwin: From $189 to $202


Although the increases may not seem significant, it’s important that your CPSU keeps these up-to-date every year so Members don’t fall behind.

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