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Congratulations to Tasmania Fire Service Members

THANKS  to the hard work and dedication of CPSU Members at the TFS, Delegates and the Work Organising Committee, these Members can now celebrate winning time for time or appropriate overtime rates for work related activities performed out of hours.

This means TFS Members will no longer have to volunteer their time and receive their entitlements under the award.

Members raised the concern of not being paid the correct Award provisions after having to volunteer their time recurrently over weekends. Although Members are happy to help with out of hours activities, they rightly wanted to be paid appropriate overtime or time for time that they are entitled to under the Tasmanian State Service Award (TSSA). Collectively these Members wrote to management address this in August.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, TFS Members will now receive their appropriate Award entitlements. CPSU Organiser Ruby Thomas-Thompson congratulates members on collectively coming together to bring about this change.

This is a fantastic win which shows the importance of collectively joining together to achieve outcomes such as this.

Members working with their union can achieve a lot!


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