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Help raise money for Filipino children in need

IT’S HARD to understand what real poverty is like until you’ve witnessed it.

This was the case for CPSU Member Deanna Lynch, when she visited the Philippines to adopt her oldest son Christian from the Philippines back in 2006.

Since then Deanna’s been on a mission to help this country’s people.

“It’s kind of hard to imagine but these children don’t have shoes or underwear – they’ve literally got nothing. When we went to pick up Christian, his little town and the nearby village of Legazpi, had just experienced a volcanic eruption from the active volcano Mayon. People’s houses were decimated by ash and the volcanic eruption. We saw little children, as small as Christian was at the time, digging things out of the ash. It blows your mind to see that scale of destruction and poverty.

“They’d also had three typhoons in quick succession, so the housing, which is substandard anyway, was gone. The orphanage had to evacuate to the school because it was more structurally sound. It was so frightening and in your face for us and we were only there for a day or too, and all these people were left there on their own.

Deanna was so moved; ever since she’s visited she’s done what she can to help the people of the Philippines, discovering Launceston woman Rachel Besant  was doing the same. Rachel sends a 40 foot container every year to the Philippines, under the Filipino Needy Children’s Fund.

This is Rachel with some children receiving bags of rice and chocolate treats!

“Rachel chooses areas in the Philippines that have been recently experienced natural disasters.” The country experiences plenty of these, being the most disaster prone country in the world, with frequent earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic explosions. The donations only go to hospitals, schools and orphanages.

“She’s quite savvy at getting donations; she can fill the container pretty much by herself but what she does need is help to raise money to send the containers, which costs between $6-7000. She meets every container with volunteers and they help distribute the donations. You know that the money isn’t tied up in administrative costs, which is great.”

A package is going across in November this year and another in April 2014. In November the donations are going to Cebu in the Philippines, which only last week was struck by a devastating earthquake that killed dozens of people.

The CPSU’s keen to help this important cause, and encourages Members to contribute as well, through financial donations and holding fundraisers in their workplaces.

Deanna is an Executive Officer working in the Department of Premier and Cabinet at 15 Murray St and her colleagues, particularly on her floor, have really helped support this cause that’s close to Deanna’s heart, pitching in to raise money and help with fundraisers. Baking cupcakes, raffles and morning teas are some of the ways Deanna and her workmates help to raise money.

Through the money raised food such as rice and other items are able to be sent to the Filipino people. Rice is one of the important items needed in the Philippines, as there’s currently a worldwide shortage of rice.

A 1kg bag of rice, which costs about $10 on special, feeds about 80-100 children, which makes a massive difference to those who need help.  Thongs are another much needed item that funds go towards.

“There are a lot of street kids and children in orphanages who are not getting enough to eat,” Deanna said.

“We’re helping little bit by little bit. The Philippines is a highly populated country, so what we do doesn’t even touch the sides of what is needed. It might put some shoes on a child’s feet or give food to a school so they can eat lunch.”

The CPSU would like to encourage Members to help Deanna and this worthwhile cause. The CPSU will help kick off the campaign with a $250 donation.

How will you raise money in your workplace?

Here are a few ideas: a morning tea, bake and sell cupcakes, sports cards or something different. If you plan on holding a fundraiser – let us know! Email .


Contact Deanna directly at

Click here to visit the Filipino Needy Children’s Fund Facebook page.

 Read more about the recent earthquake in Cebu here.



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