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Politician’s Pay

CONTRIBUTE to the CPSU submission on parliamentary salaries.

A Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Tribunal has been established to review salaries and allowances paid to Tasmanian politicians. It’ll be chaired by President of the Tasmanian Industrial Commission, Tim Abey, who’ll be joined by TIC Deputy President Nicole Wells and Barbara Deegan from the Fair Work Commission.   The Tribunal has called for submissions from individuals and organisations and will conduct public hearings throughout the state.  The CPSU will make a submission on behalf of its Members.

The CPSU has long held the view that as the capacity to pay wage increases for politicians and public sector workers comes from the same pot the outcomes for both groups should be linked.   Since 1997 our politicians salaries have been linked to a fixed percentage of the salary paid to their Federal counterparts.  In 2011 the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal increased the base salary for Federal politicians from $140,910 to $185,000.  Tasmanian politicians were looking at an increase of around 40% while imposing a cap on wage outcomes for its workforce of 2%.  This highlighted the folly of our politicians having their wages determined without reference to local factors.

The government saw sense and in 2012 passed legislation that limited their wage increases to 2% in 2012 and 2013, but the State/Federal link still exists so unless something is changed our state politicians will be in for a huge windfall come July 2014 – just after the next election.

In media reports this week  it was pleasing to see the Premier indicate support for our politicians’ wages to be linked to public sector outcomes.  By contrast the Liberal Deputy leader sat firmly on the fence saying ‘we support the referral to the independent tribunal and we will await their recommendation’.  Given the Tribunal may not report until after the election next year the Liberals are going to have to develop a real position on this issue rather than just saying ‘it’s up to the Tribunal’.

So what do you think?  The CPSU would like Members to send their thoughts to contribute to a submission for this review.  Try to get your feedback to us by close of business on 25 October so we can develop our submission.

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There’s a discussion paper up online here.


Key dates

8 November  2013

Submissions close


18-22  November 2013

Public hearings in Burnie, Devonport, Launceston and Hobart


March/April 2014

Report completed.

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