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Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement – Member Meetings

Months of negotiations are reaching a conclusion and the time has come to report to Members on the package of wages and conditions that have resulted from this process.  We have scheduled meetings around the state starting in the North West on 4 November, continuing in the North on 5 November and concluding in the South in the week starting 11 November.

The details of times and venues can be downloaded here.

Much work still needs to be done to document the changes that have been agreed in-principle and we have yet to receive a formal response from the government on wages but the meetings will proceed so Members can understand exactly what is on the table.  We intend to send information out ahead of the meetings so you have a chance to read and discuss it and so the meetings can be used to provide further details and answer questions.  We aim to have this information available to Members by the end of October.

The employer has provided approval for union members to attend the member meetings in paid time subject to business exigencies.  Please let your manager know as far in advance as possible of your intention to attend a meeting.  We expect the meetings will run for around 1 hour.  For Members who are unable to attend one of the meetings an email address and phone number will be provided so they are able to ask any questions they have and provide feedback.  Alternatively Delegates can arrange a workplace Member meeting and ask an Organiser to attend.  A vote on the package will not be taken at the member meetings.  Following the meetings we will consider Member feedback and then, depending on the feedback, conduct a ballot process.

Our log of claims was comprehensive and therefore the range of issues covered in these negotiations is extremely wide.  In addition to a wage outcome we also expect to be able to report on job security, award condition changes and reforms to key areas such as recruitment processes and plans to improve performance management and the development of positive workplaces.  The CPSU strongly encourages Members to attend one of these meetings and have your say on your wages and conditions.


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