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Smoke Alert Tasmania: A new system helping asthma sufferers

DREAD burn offs or wood smoke? If you’ve got an asthma sufferer in your family, then the launch of Smoke Alert Tasmania will interest you.

The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania launched the alert this year. With a Facebook page, Twitter handle and interactive map the alerts are real time warnings about smoke in Tasmania.

The data is sourced via the Environmental Protection Authority from over 20 locations around the state.


There are three alert levels:

No smoke recorded

Moderate smoke levels

Although most people will not be affected by this level of smoke, it can still trigger respiratory or heart problems or an asthma attack in people who are frail or infants

High smoke levels

This should indicate to asthma suffers that they should have their medication at hand, to minimise outdoor activity, setting your air-conditioner at home or in the car to recycle and if possible stay indoors with the windows closed.


There are three ways to receive the updates:


Click here


Click here to follow.


Click here to visit The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania site.



Source: The Asthma Foundation of Tasmania

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