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Tamatha Creely to chop locks, raise funds for cancer research

LIKE many Tasmanians CPSU Royal Hobart Hospital Member Tamatha Creely’s been touched by cancer.

“One of my colleagues is a survivor of breast cancer, I’ve got a number of friends who’ve had family members pass away, and working at the Royal you see people with different types of cancer,” Tamatha said.

“Cancer’s not  only a sad thing  but these people have been able to achieve so much, during their illness and just being able to survive. I watched one of the teachers at the school go through chemotherapy and she taught to still make a positive difference for other people while she was going through something quite horrendous at the time.

“Without the help of people raising money for research they may not have been one of the survivors.”

Seeing the struggles and strength of those who’ve battled cancer was the catalyst for Tamatha’s decision to shave her shoulder length brown hair.

She’ll make the generous move to lose her locks on November 8 at her son John’s school.

“My son’s school Rosetta Primary they normally do a head shave for charity every year to two years, and I’ve been thinking about doing it all year. Being my son John’s last year of primary, I thought a parting gift for the school would be to shave off my long hair.

Tamatha faces the razor to raise money for cancer research, on the same day the school community are hosting the Canteen’s Bandana Day .

“For me it’s my choice, a lot of people who are receiving treatment don’t have a choice. So I’ll lose my hair for a little while for a good cause. It’ll grow back.”

Tamatha’s son hasn’t warmed to the idea just yet. “We’re trying to get him involved by buying a hat. On the day his Step Mum, Sister and Nan are all coming, so we’re making it as positive as possible for Jack.”

Help Tamatha raise money for cancer research. You can make a donation at

We’ll follow up with an article after the fundraiser. All the best Tamatha!


Tamatha on union life

Tamatha’s worked at the Royal Hobart Hospital for 18 years, joining the CPSU in 1996, currently working as a Finance Officer. “At the time I joined they had black bands, the union was fighting for pay and other rights at the time. “The Organiser came in every time they were in the hospital, said hello, dropped off bits and pieces, asked how you were. There was a really nice, family feel about the CPSU. The faces have changed since then but the same philosophy still stands.

Tamatha’s also been a Delegate for over five years. “I first signed up when the Organiser kept on saying “you’d be great as a Delegate”.  There were a lot of issues happening at the time, and there were something things that concerned us. I thought why not?”

Delegate training really helped cement what the Delegate role involved.

“I’ve been a bit more involved this year; I’ve joined the Joint Union and Management Industrial Committee.  I’ve learnt a lot from that. As well as my area, I also help look after Members in the hospital admissions.”

On top of working and all the things that come with being a busy mum, Tamatha is also studying part-time at the University of Tasmania to be a teacher. How does she do it? Time management is the key, according to Tamatha, and some days are easier than others.



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