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Thanks to our Members working in Mental Health!

TODAY is World Mental Health Day, which aims to raise awareness about mental health issues.

In 2013 in Australia the three goals of World Mental Health Day are:


  • Encourage help seeking behavior;
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness; and
  • Foster connectivity throughout communities.


The CPSU covers Members working in the important area of Mental Health Services in Tasmania.

These workers do a great job in what can sometimes be a difficult area.

Today, your union would like to say thank you to these Members for the work they do and the difference they make in community and in the lives of so many Tasmanians. They work in Tasmanian Health Organisations, prisons and in many other areas.

OF COURSE mental health issues are not isolated to people’s personal lives but impact on their working life too. In turn work life, through stress, work overload and issues like bullying, can contribute to mental health issues in working Australians and their families.

Last week CPSU staff took part in Odd Socks Day 2013, which also aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues and reducing the stigma that’s often associated with them.

See photos from the day here.

Read more about World Mental Health Day here.



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