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Aussie public sector performing well

AUSTRALIA’S public sector is among the most efficient in the world according to a recent report.

The Centre for Policy Development’s report False Economies: Bang for our Bucks, shows that Australia performs very well compared to similar nations in that we are technically (undertaking work using the fewest possible resources), allocatively (Undertaking the right work) and dynamically (Finding new ways to fill needs) efficient.

See the graph from this report below, which shows how Australia compares with other OECD nations.


Highlights of the report include:

  • Our public sector is ‘lean and keen’, operating on fewer resources than those of many nation’s public sectors which it outperforms;
  • There are positive indicators that the public sector’s ability to do the right job;
  • In some cases our public sector also has a similar level of efficiency to that of the private sector; and
  • Compared to other OECD countries, Australia is both highly effective and low taxing, maintaining high efficiency over changing times, and demonstrating the public sector is dynamically efficient.


Read the full report below.


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