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Bargaining Update – The PSUWA and Beyond!

The Public Sector Union Wages Agreement (PSUWA) for 2013 is out for ballot and closes Wednesday 20 November at 4pm.

While the PSUWA provides a foundation of conditions for thousands of State Sector workers, many groups have their own Agreements on wages and specific conditions yet to negotiate.  The negotiations are all at different stages of the bargaining process with some yet to meaningfully commence and others nearing their conclusion.  Progress on some Agreements has been slowed pending the conclusion of the PSUWA bargaining but now the framework for wages and conditions has been established we should be able to make headway.

Read on for an update on progress!

Correctional Officers Agreement 2013

The COA has been under negotiation for many months.  A package is with government for approval and, should they agree with the negotiated position, it will go out for a vote of Members as soon as possible.  The bargaining process has been productive and the final package that will be presented to Members for endorsement will include:

  • Wage increases in line with the PSUWA,
  • A revised classification and rank structure,
  • Commitment to establish agreed principles and processes associated with better rostering and safe staffing levels,
  • No diminishment in existing conditions,
  • Recognition of Work Health and Safety as an industrial issue inside the Agreement, and
  • Agreement to transparently publish progress against TPS performance indicators.


If you have any questions about this agreement contact Mat Johnston on or on 6234 1708.


Allied Health Professionals Agreement 2014

Your CPSU and HACSU are currently developing a log of claims to serve on the employer.  The current AHP Agreement runs until March next year and still has a pay rise of 2% to come in December this year.  We are hopeful that a replacement Agreement can be negotiated early in the New Year.

Early consultation with Members has indicated that improvements to the Professional Development provisions and wage rises in keeping with the PSUWA outcome are two important issues for bargaining.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Mat Johnston on or on 6234 1708.


Radiation Therapists Agreement 2013

Radiation Therapists have served the Government (through the DHHS) with a claim seeking to appropriately recognise post-graduate qualifications through the classification and pay structure.  In addition to flowing through wage outcomes in line with the PSUWA, Members are also keen to maintain the conditions link with the AHP Agreement.

We have already met with the Department once and we’re hopeful that a positive resolution can be achieved in the near term given an annual wage rise could be reasonably expected in December.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Mat Johnston on or on 6234 1708.


Port Arthur Award Variation

The Port Arthur Award usually flows on the results of the PSUWA along with site-specific conditions matters.  Consultation with Delegates and Members continues around developing a specific log of claims for service on the Management Authority in the near future.  So far issues of rostering and certain allowances have been raised for discussion.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Sarah Miller at or on 6234 1708.


Legal Practitioners Agreement 2013

The LPA has nominally expired and requires renegotiation.  The CPSU is working with Delegates and Members to develop a log of claims for service.  The annual cycle of wage increases in the LPA falls in July but in any event we are hopeful a replacement Agreement can be negotiated and settled early in 2014.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Celeste Miller on or on 6234 1708.


Ministerial Drivers Industrial Agreement 2013

The Agreement covering Ministerial Drivers has also nominally expired and is in need of renegotiation.  Your CPSU will be working with Members to renegotiate the Agreement as quickly as possible in the wake of the likely PSUWA outcome.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Stephanie Jablonski on or on 6234 1708.


Parks and Wildlife Industrial Agreement 2013

While Parks Members derive their salaries from the Award several key conditions matters are dealt with by the Parks Agreement including a loading for weekend and out of hours work and fire response provisions.  Key issues for this round of negotiations are:

  • Accommodation and Remote Areas provisions,
  • Clarification and improvement of the Fire Operations conditions, and
  • Review of the loading in lieu of weekend and public holiday work.

The claim will be served on the employer this week and negotiations will commence ASAP.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Nick Duncombe on or on 6234 1708.

Tasmanian Audit Office Hours of Work Agreement

Negotiations were concluded with an in principle agreement on a package of improvements to the hours of work provisions of this Agreement.  The negotiated package was put out to Members for feedback and endorsement and the CPSU was ready to sign when, some weeks later, the employer decided to change some aspects of the negotiated provision.  Unfortunately this has delayed finalising what should have been a mutually beneficial arrangement.  The post-negotiation amendments proposed by the government reps give rise to some concerns from Members.  The CPSU has put forward two suggestions to balance TAO’s needs and the best interests of Members but unfortunately both were dismissed.  We remain hopeful that sense (and good industrial practice) will prevail and the Agreement can be finalised soon.

If you have any questions about this agreement contact Sarah Miller at or on 6234 1708.

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