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Correctional Facility Allowance

EARLIER this week your CPSU lodged applications with the Department of Justice on behalf of multiple Members for the Correctional Facility Allowance (CFA).

This is an entitlement under the Tasmanian State Service Award for those DoJ Employees who spend a significant amount of time performing their duties at a Correctional Facility and results in an extra 7.5% of salary.  The CPSU identified that employees in Community Corrections may have a claim to this allowance and has been supporting Members as they’ve been working on completing their applications.
The Department has historically been reticent to accept these claims and it has been necessary to refer them to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission to ensure that Members are receiving their entitlements.  Given the nature of these claims and the new information they present, it may be necessary to do this again.  The CPSU stands ready and willing to fight for the entitlements of Members.  Where there’s a reasonable view that a Member is entitled to the CFA, your union is more than happy to argue the merits of the application in any forum the DoJ wishes.
If you’re interested in standing together with your fellow Members and also making a claim for the CFA, please let your Organiser Nick Duncombe know in the first instance at or on 6234 1708. We are happy to provide you with more information and guidance through the whole process.

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