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CPSU accepts Team Bocce Challenge

THE CPSU is getting out of the office and onto the lawn for the Life. Be in it Team Bocce Challenge.

The event, held on Salamanca Lawns during October and November, sees five CPSU teams join the challenge, which is all about good health, fresh air and meeting other workers.

CPSU Members from various worksites comprise four of the teams, with a CPSU staff team joining the mix.

It’s the first adult Life. Be in it initiatives held in the state for many years, and so far it’s proving successful.

The CPSU’s keen to promote work-life balance and good health, so the Team Bocce Challenge is a great way of getting this message out there in a fun way.

Teams come down to Salamanca from work, and because bocce isn’t an overly strenuous activity, they can turn up in their suits and work wear.

Come down to Salamanca Lawns on Friday between 4.30-6pm during November to see the action.

See photos from last week’s competition below (photos: Angela Ames).

photo 3








photo 3a (2)










photo 3a (5)








photo 4





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