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CPSU: working to give Members fair outcomes

EACH week the CPSU fights for fairness on behalf of Members. These are just two recent ways CPSU Members have achieved great results with the help of their union.
• A Member whose classification was not commensurate with the functions they were required to perform or equal to other employees doing the same job worked with union staff to address the issue. With the help of the CPSU, the Member successfully sought reclassification.  Although the agency refused to directly select this Member to the position, they were able to win this job when it was advertised. After the Member was placed on the lowest level of their band, they also were successfully moved to the top of the band. This is a great result.

• A CPSU Member who was a long term part-time employee in an Agency spent around a decade working full time hours. With the help of their CPSU this Member was converted to the permanent full time hours that after 10 years were rightfully theirs. This is a great result for this Member after the CPSU persistently followed up with the department’s HR.  Our Member now has the security of knowing that the hours she has worked for a decade can’t be stripped away and the income she has built her life around diminished.

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