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Members overwhelmingly support Agreement

CPSU Members have overwhelmingly endorsed the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013. Of those who voted 96.96% voted yes to the Agreement.

This is excellent news, thank you to all Members who cast their votes and had their say.

Your CPSU believes the agreement finds the balance between delivering reasonable wage outcomes without putting further pressure on Agency budgets.

The Agreement delivers job security and there is no reason for one more job to be cut or one more service axed.

We’re letting the government know the outcome of the ballot so Agencies can start to make changes to wage rates.

The effective increase dates are from 5 December for TSSA Members and from 12 December for those covered by HAHSA. This is the date the increases will apply from so the following pay should be 2% higher.

There are still a lot of questions around implementation that need answering, as well as questions about advanced assessment points. We’ll get to work on these and let Members know the outcome of these as they are resolved.
Thanks again to everyone who voted and were involved in Agreement process during 2013.

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