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Unions and UTAS Conclude Bargaining

After a prolonged negotiation process, CPSU is happy to inform Members that we have reached in principle agreement on a replacement for the Professional Staff Agreement.

Whilst the package is subject to Member endorsement through a ballot to be conducted as soon as the Agreement is ready for distribution, your CPSU considers the package to be a fair and reasonable outcome.

Highlights of the package include:

  • Wage increases of:

*2.2% with effect from (WEF) the first full pay period on or after (FFPPOOA) 1 July 2013 (already paid),

*3.0% WEF the FFPPOOA 1 July 2014,

*3.0% WEF the FFPPOOA 1 July 2015, and

*3.8% WEF the FFPPOOA 30 June 2016.

  • Improvements to the redundancy formula for Professional Staff, bring the years of service component into line with Academics,
  • Up to three (3) “grace days” to provide paid time off during the break between Christmas and New Year – effectively meaning you don’t have to burn annual leave for that period,
  • Agreement to run until 30 June 2016 thereby providing certainty to Members in a time of fairly consistent change,
  • A single Agreement to cover all UTAS staff, and
  • A simpler but more effective consultation and change provision.

You will be provided with access to the full draft of the Agreement as soon as it is prepared and will be notified as to how the ballot will be conducted.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact Mat Johnston via email at .

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