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Agreement registered!

YESTERDAY the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013 was officially registered.  Salary rates were also updated into the relevant awards so wage increases will apply from the start of the next pay period.  Work is underway on an application to amend the Awards to include other changes agreed as part of this round of negotiations and we hope this will be heard by the Industrial Commission before the end of 2013.

A number of Members raised concerns about the advancement assessment points (AAPs) shown in the documentation we sent out before the ballot. After further discussion it was agreed the AAPs would not be moved up the Bands as proposed but would remain where they were prior to these negotiations.  The only exceptions are Band 5 and Professional 2 where new levels have been added and therefore AAPs have also been included.

The salary tables for TSSA can be seen here and for HaHSA below.

TSSA salaries – final

HaHSA salaries – final

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