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CPSU: achieving great results for Members

YOUR union is here to help when you need it. Read on to hear a number of recent cases where Members have achieved great results after their union got involved.


Member able to complete studies

A Member can now finish studying and keep their job thanks to help from their union.

The CPSU went in to bat for the Member at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC), asking that the employer consider granting Leave Without Pay (LWOP) which it had declined while also knocking back the Member’s suggestion for a flexible work arrangement.

Without either of these, the Member would need to resign to complete their studies, which would’ve been a bad outcome for both the employee and the agency.

Although granting LWOP is discretionary and the TIC was unable to enforce an outcome, the commission strongly recommended the employer should grant the Member LWOP or a flexible arrangement.

The department has now followed the Commission’s advice and the Member can complete their studies and continue to work on a flexible arrangement.

It’s a great result for this Member, although it would have been even better if this was done in the first place. The CPSU believes employers should encourage their staff to study and build on their skills.


Member redeployed after CPSU intervenes

A CPSU Member was successfully redeployed after action from their union.

After a review of their area the Member was told they were surplus to requirements. The CPSU wrote to management showing the flaws with the review process and warning if legitimate redeployment options weren’t pursued the CPSU would go to Fair Work.

Soon after this letter our Member was told they’d be redeployed, which was great news.

This is a happy outcome but it would’ve been better if the process was correct in the first place, sparing this Member from stress and uncertainty.


Member’s name attributed to work thanks to CPSU

A Member has finally received acknowledgement for their work after help from the CPSU.

The Member wanted their name put to a unique piece of work that’s regularly used by the public but the agency had refused this request.

With the CPSU’s help, and after negotiation with the department, the Member can now have this work attributed to them.

The CPSU has started further negotiations for a new moral rights/attribution policy for the Tasmanian Public Sector that makes it clear what’s to happen in the future.


The CPSU goes in to bat for Members for both individual and group issues. As a CPSU Member you have a voice and support. Need help? Click here to find out more. Your Workplace Delegate is also a great person to talk to about workplace issues.

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