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State Voting Intentions November 2013

TODAY EMRS released the latest State Voting Intentions poll results for November 2013.

Respondents were asked which political party they would vote for and also who was their preferred Premier.

In November the polls showed that since September 2013:

  • Support for the Liberal Party dropped from 52-49% during this time. In November last year support was at 55% for the Liberal Party.
  • Support for Labour dropped from 28-22%. Labor was sitting at 27% at the same time last year.
  • Support for the Greens increased from 15-19%. In November 2013 support for the Greens was sitting at 15%
  • Support for the Palmer United Party increased from 1-5% during this time. *No data available for 2012.

 (*not including undecideds)

  • 17% of respondents were undecided – the same percentage as September 2013, and a decrease from 24% in November 2012.

Preferred Premier from November to September 2013:

• Support for Will Hodgman as preferred premier dropped from 48-47% during this period.

• Lara Giddings increased four percentage points during this time, and is now sitting at 22%.

• Support for Nick McKim remains steady at 12%

The results also showed that 19% of respondents preferred none of the three candidates, a slight fall from 21% in September 2012.

Read more in the document below.

State Voting Intentions November 2013

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