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CPSU: How we’ve helped Members lately

YOUR CPSU is working for Members every week. Read some of the ways your union’s recently helped Members:

A MEMBER working as a Teacher Assistant was transferred to a school a long distance from where they lived. Difficult personal circumstances also meant it was important this Member wasn’t too far from home. After unsuccessfully raising this issue with their principal, the Member went to the CPSU for help. The CPSU took up this issue and has since been told that the Member’s application for a transfer was successful. This means it’s likely this Member can now work at a closer school, which is terrific news.


A MEMBER on parental leave was told they’d been made surplus after a restructure. This Member was justifiably anxious and upset at this news, understandably believing they had a secure position to go back to. The CPSU contacted the agency and reminded it of the paid parental leave clauses under the award and, if necessary, the Tasmanian Industrial Commission would be contacted to ensure these clauses were being abided with. After this, the CPSU received confirmation of this Member’s return to work plans and options for redeployment, which is a great result.


YOUR CPSU successfully negotiated another two Correctional Facilities Allowance (CFA) applications for Department of Justice Members. The CFA is an entitlement under the Tasmanian State Service Award for those DoJ Employees who spend a significant amount of time performing their duties at a Correctional Facility.  These successful applications mean a significant amount of money for these two Members that they are rightfully entitled to.


The CPSU’s there for those who are treated unfairly and is committed to ensuring Members receive their proper entitlements. If you’re a Member you can rest assured that the CPSU is there for support and advice in difficult times or when you’re unsure. If you need help click here for more information.

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