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Liberal policies will see 1200 jobs lost, claims union

The Mercury, Matt Smith, February 20

A UNION has emailed 5000 current and former Tasmanian public servants  warning that  the Liberals’planned budget cuts  would cost  1200 jobs, which is 700 more than  the figure  that has been claimed by  the State Opposition.

The Community (and) Public Sector Union email says “Plans by the Liberals to cut  public sector jobs  to pay for  their election promises are unrealistic and will lead to services  being slashed  throughout the state.

“The CPSU has now calculated the total number  of jobs  that will be cut  from policies  so far announced  is 1203 and that does not include  300 jobs that could  also go from Forestry Tasmania.”

But Opposition Treasury spokesman  Peter Gutwein said yesterday the email  was “just another Labor-union scare”. “We have never hidden  our policy  on this  and for more  than 12 months  it has been  a matter of public record  that we will reduce  the size of the public service  by only 1 per cent  a year for two years, in total 500 FTEs  over the first two years, using natual attrition.”



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