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Unravelling the amalgamation

THE Tasmanian Liberals released a policy that, if elected, they’d merge the Departments of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts and Infrastructure, Energy and resources to create “Department of State Growth.”

Your CPSU has put together a discussion paper on this policy, to look at what areas in both agencies would be most impacted.

The potential merger would see a reduction of about 90 FTEs from removing duplicated functions, with the Liberals estimating an annual saving of $5m from the amalgamation. 

However, the CPSU’s found there are in fact very few areas of duplication across these agencies, apart from Corporate Services/Support.

Furthermore, the CPSU’s found that there’s no way 80-90 positions could be cut from the two existing Corporate Services area and still leave in place viable Corporate Services functions for the new amalgamated Department. This means a reduction in positions would require a significant number of programs and functions to be wound up.

However, the Liberals policy documents give no indication of which programs or functions they’d target to achieve these savings, however there are a number of new programs they intend to initiate.

Read the full discussion paper below.

2014 Unravelling the amalgamation

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