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Cuts hitting working women hard

TODAY CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood highlighted the link between budget cuts and women’s working conditions.

On International Women’s Day the CPSU released the report from its seventh What Women Want survey, which asked more than 11,000 women their views on a range of issues from hours of work to job satisfaction and training.

Some of the key findings were:

  • 1/4 said they felt insecure about their jobs, with budget cuts cited as the most common reason.
  •  56% of those looking after children worked extra hours yet 27% said they never received any compensation for the extra hours worked.
  •  Almost nine out of ten said they showed up for work sick at least once in the last year.

“There is a clear link between the successive budget cuts and women’s working conditions. We have been running this survey over eight years and the cumulative impact of shrinking budgets and expanding workloads is steadily changing the nature of work and is taking its toll on our members,”Ms Flood said.

“Our members do important work for the community, and value having working conditions that allow them to juggle both work and family responsibilities. But they are telling us that if those conditions come under attack then they can’t do both to the best of their ability.

This Government has signalled that it wants to wind back many of those conditions that make a working woman’s life manageable. An attack on those conditions is an attack on women in the workforce.”

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