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Progress on extending coverage of Presumptive Cancer Legislation

TODAY the CPSU presented the Workplace Relations Minister, David O’Byrne petitions signed by hundreds of workers from Parks & Wildlife and Forestry Tasmania calling for an extension in those workers covered of Presumptive Cancer Legislation.

Early last year the Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1998 was amended to cover Tasmanian Fire Service employees who engaged in fighting fires and unfortunately suffered cancer and related illness later in life as a result of their service to Tasmania. Your union with the backing of Members is asking for the Act to be further amended to cover Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry Tasmania staff who serve Tasmania by fighting fires.

Today CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch handed over the petitions to Workplace Relations Minister David O’Byrne.

In response to the petition Mr O’Byrne committed a re-elected Labor Government to extending coverage as part of the 12 month review of the legislation.  Mr O’Byrne made it clear that he would stand shoulder to shoulder with any worker who was injured as a result of undertaking their job.   “We will work with stakeholders and government agencies to consider the evidence for extending the legislation and consider the proposal and its administrative implications,” Mr O’Byrne said.

Given this great commitment from Labor the CPSU will now seek similar commitments from the Liberals and Greens.

Thank you to those Parks & Wildlife and Forestry Members who signed the petition and encouraged others to do so.  It’s through strength in numbers we achieved this outcome. It’s a great step forward to making the amendment to the Act so those who work so hard for their community fighting fires in both Parks and Wildlife and Forestry Tasmania can be included in this legislation.




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