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Recent ways we’ve helped

EACH week we’re working to helping Members with group and individual concerns.

Here are a couple of ways we’ve helped Members lately.

THREE Members had received a More Responsible Duties Allowance for over a decade. An MRDA is a provision in Awards designed to recognise short-to-medium term work an employee is required to perform beyond their normal level of responsibility (and pay).  The CPSU asked the agency why these Members were getting this allowance rather than being reclassified and direct selected into the appropriate higher band. After unsuccessfully trying to negotiate an appropriate outcome with departmental representatives, the CPSU took the matter further and the Head of Agency eventually made a recommendation to the Head of State Service that the three employees be reclassified and direct selected to their roles. Recently the Members received notice from the Head of the State Service that they’ll be directly selected into a higher band, which is a great outcome and removes any uncertainty around their salaries.


UNDER the Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Agreement, Members can claim accelerated salary progression if they hold a relevant post-graduate qualification. A Member had achieved a qualification two years ago but hadn’t received the appropriate progression in accordance with the Agreement.  After an unsuccessful attempt to claim the additional incremental points the Member contacted their union and the CPSU put together a strong case for adherence to the Agreement provision. In the end the Department accepted the claim and the Member received their full entitlement to progression, back payed to the date of their attainment.

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