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A MEMBER was receiving a higher duties allowance but their employer stopped them receiving this allowance even though they were still doing the same duties.The CPSU lodged a claim on the Member’s behalf, which resulted in the union negotiating a settlement amount with the agency. This was a great outcome, but it was a long process that should never have been necessary.


AFTER becoming pregnant a Member could no longer continue in her usual working environment. She averaged around 25-30 hours a week but management said it couldn’t find her any duties to perform and would only pay her for six hours work a week.

The CPSU told the agency it should review the decision in light of the Tasmanian State Service Award Parental Leave wording. Thankfully the agency agreed with this interpretation of the Award and assured us the Member would be given the average hours of work and would be given duties outside her previous workplace. In great news for this Member, the agency also said they’d review her previous salaries so she wouldn’t miss out on any pay she should’ve been earning.


As a CPSU Member, you have the union on your side. If you need help find out more here.

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