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New to CPSU discounts: HydroKleen

Dirty heat pumps potentially dangerous nests of bacteria

DECOMPOSING animals and nasty bacteria are just some of the things found hidden in the inner workings of split-system heat pumps by heat pump cleaning company HydroKleen.

The national franchise arrived in Tasmania late last year and operator Craig McShane has been spreading the word about the health hazards posed to homes and offices by their heat pumps.

“Traditionally, manufacturers inform purchasers that they need to clean the filters on their units, but contaminants accumulate throughout the system in places that a normal clean will not reach,” Craig said.

“Heat pumps blow these bacteria and airborne particles into the home or office and can cause a variety of infections and health problems.”

HydroKleen Australia offers comprehensive cleaning services for split-system heat pumps that flushes units of harmful bacteria. An Ergon Energy study conducted in 2012 at Airlie Beach confirmed benefits of the HydroKleen Australia process in reducing running costs.

“Mould, mildew and fungi accumulate deep inside heat pumps and lead to a loss of airflow, overworked motors, higher running costs,” Craig said

Dust, mould and mildew deep within units could also create health and operational issues.

“Heat pumps collect large amounts of dust and dirt which can play havoc with breathing.”


Craig will be offering CPSU members a $22 discount when they have their Heat Pump Cleaned, Serviced and sanitized.


Contact Craig on 0427 245 757 to book your HydroKleen.


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