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Keep safety regulations in our workplaces – ACTU

ON WORKERS’ Memorial Day on Monday, ACTU President Ged Kearney called for the preservation of life saving regulations in Australian workplaces.

This follows the Queensland government got rid of the cease work rule for unsafe workplaces and allowing employers 24 hours’ notice before a safety inspection.

“The rolling back of protections that keep people safe at work will have one sure result, it will put workers’ lives in danger,” Ms Kearney said. “The Queensland Government recently struck a blow to workplace safety by making it easier for unscrupulous employers to cut corners and avoid detections.

“There are signs other states are embracing a similar view point that puts employer convenience above the safety of their workforce.” Workers and unions fear that a domino effect could prevail with other states and territories stripping protections in the name of ‘cutting red tape’. “The worst scenario for workers, especially those in dangerous industries such as construction and transport and storage, is that regulations set up to protect them while they are at work will be stripped back or abolished.”

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