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Personal leave accumulation scheme

ONE of the achievements in the last round of bargaining was the introduction of a new scheme for the accumulation of personal leave. It only applies to workers outside DHHS which already has an accumulation scheme. The key to Members deciding if they should opt into the new scheme is knowing what their transfer balance will be, so that’s where the union has put its focus.


Your CPSU has developed a personal leave calculator to help Members covered by the Tasmanian State Service Award to see if they’re better off in the current triennium system or moving to the new personal leave accumulation scheme. The calculation varies for each Member depending on years of service and how much personal leave they’ve taken. Deciding whether to stay or go could have a real impact on their future personal leave balance.


TSSA employees are currently covered by the triennium system – a block of personal leave for a 3 year period that’s topped up at the start of the next 3 year period. This system has advantages but also some drawbacks. The new system applies to those engaged after March 1 2014 and to existing employees who opt to transfer across from July 1 2014. The new system is a simple accrual of 20 days per year with the unused balance rolling forward to the next year and maximum accrual capped at 260 days. Existing employees would transfer to the new scheme with a starting balance calculated on their years of service and past usage.


Members can register their interest today!


If you want to know which scheme is best for you simply email  with your name, agency and especially phone number as many numbers have changed recently. We’ll then contact you to ask:

1) How many years have you been employed in the public sector?

2) Have you always worked fulltime or have you had periods working part time?

3) On average, how many days of personal leave (sick leave and carer’s leave) have you have taken each year?

We can then give an estimate of current leave balance under the triennium system and the balance you’d transfer to the new scheme with. We can also give an idea of how the balance would compare under the two schemes at points in the future, assuming personal leave usage remains the same

If Members want to transfer to the new scheme we’ll email a personalised application form, that includes our estimates, to be signed and forwarded to HR.

This service is only available to CPSU Members. Anyone else in your workplace who’s keen to see how the two personal leave schemes apply to them will need to sign up and become a CPSU Member.

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